Apple's Streaming Service Reportedly Won't Offer Free Original TV Shows

Today is the day that all the details about Apple's long coming and much-rumored streaming video service will land. Previous rumors about the streaming service claimed that Apple device owners would get free access to some of the original programming that the company is working on and that the service will launch next month. Word is that Apple irritated some of the Hollywood types it is working with on the original programming by meddling too much with the creation process.


A new report that originated with the Wall Street Journal directly refutes some of those old rumors. According to the report, Apple will offer no free content to device owners and will charge a fee to watch its new programming; that fee is a mystery for now. 

Apple has negotiated some interesting deals with major pay TV networks like HBO, Starz, and Showtime. Usually, those networks charge around $9 to $15 for a digital subscription, but the report claims that Apple will sell those digital subscriptions via its app for $9.99 each. The premium networks and Apple's original content will all be delivered by its new TV app that is hailed as a Netflix killer.

Apple has negotiated with device makers, and the new TV app will land on Roku devices and smart TVs. Interestingly, the WSJ report claims that Apple initially attempted to partner with Disney for a streaming service, but that plan failed. Apple is also said to have considered purchasing either Disney or Netflix; of course neither of those purchases happened. Netflix isn't going to be on the Apple streaming service says the report.

A new news service is expected to be announced during today's event that will reportedly cost $9.99 monthly and is described as "Netflix for news." The app will give subscribers access to a range of publications for a single $9.99 monthly rate. Some big publishers have declined to participate in that News app; specifically, the New York Times and The Washington Post. Rumors for the event also suggest that a new iOS subscription game service will also be announced.