Apple Reveals Outrageous Vision Pro Repair Costs Without A $499 AppleCare+ Plan

Side view of Apple's Vision Pro headset.
Apple's Vision Pro is already one of the most expensive mixed reality headsets on the market with a price tag that's seven times higher than the Quest 3, and 2.5x more than Meta's premium Quest 3 Pro. That's before adding optional prescription lenses to the mix, and an also-optional (though highly advised) AppleCare+ protection. If you skip the latter, you could be in for some huge repair costs.

Let's break it down. The initial headset investment is $3,499. When configuring one to order, Apple scans your face for a proper fit and asks some questions about your eyesight. If you need or want them, Apple will happily tack on Zeis Optical inserts priced at $99 for what are essentially reader glasses, or $149 for inserts that match your prescription. So you're looking at up to $3,648 right off the bat for the 256GB model, up to $3,848 for the 512GB model, and up to $4,048 for the 1TB model.

Now here's where things get interesting. Selecting an AppleCare+ protection plan will add another $499 to the cost, which can bring the total up to $4,147 for the 256GB SKU, $4,347 for the 512GB variant, and $4,547 to for the 1TB model. So in other words, you're looking at over four grand even for the baseline model, when prescription lenses and an AppleCare+ package are added to the mix.

Apple Vision Pro repair estimate.

You might not need special lenses, but if you're thinking about skipping the AppleCare+ plan, you could be in for some downright hefty repair costs if something unfortunate should happen. According to Apple's online estimation tool, repairing a cracked cover glass will cost your $799 without an AppleCare+ plan, while a broken Vision Pro headset will beat up your wallet or purse to the tune of $2,399.

Those who spring for the added protection, however, would be looking at a $299 fee in both cases. That's still pricey, especially after factoring in the plan's cost, as well as the initial headset purchase.

"Because Apple makes the hardware, the operating system, and many applications, Apple Vision Pro is a truly integrated system. And only AppleCare+ provides one-stop service and support from Apple experts, so most issues can be resolved in a single call," Apple explains.

The sole two estimates that Apple provides on its support page for the Vision Pro are related to accidental damage incidents. That type of coverage typically carries a premium, so Apple isn't alone in that regard. Nevertheless, it's a reality check for anyone thinking about purchasing a Vision Pro. Without an AppleCare+ plan, Apple offers a one-year limited warranty and 90 days of tech support.

This serves as another reminder of why the right-to-repair movement is so important. it will also be interesting to see if Apple ends up offering a self-repair program for the Vision Pro like it did with the iPhone.