Apple Reportedly Considering Dive Into Original Programming

It's been rumored for what seems like forever, and soon, it could become true: Apple's looking to get into the original programming business. While it might seem a bit odd for a company that's largely a hardware producer to get into creating its own video content, it's not that much of a stretch given its focus on media consumption with its Apple TV. And plus - with the company looking to build its own cars, who could be surprised by what else the company pulls out of its hat?

Tim Cook
Flickr: Valery Marchive

According to Variety, Apple has been putting out feelers in Hollywood to gauge interest and figure out exactly what it wants to do. It's quite serious about this venture, apparently, as it's already planning on putting headhunting firms to work in the months ahead to scout for talent. It could be as early as next year that things will get underway.

When Apple gets its content creator going, it'll be in direct competition with Netflix, which has seen significant success in production and has continually beefed up its efforts to churn even more out. Could Apple pull off a House of Cards or Orange Is The New Black? Time will tell.

What we do know for certain is that the company certainly has the money to pay for the talent and production it needs and ultimately make this a big deal.