Apple Quietly Launches 16GB iPod Touch Without a Rear Camera for $229

If you've been holding out for a price drop on Apple's fifth generation iPod touch line, perhaps today's newest addition will be of interest. It's a 16GB model that Apple quietly slipped into the lineup, and not only is it the least capacious, it's also the least expensive with a $229 price tag. Where was this SKU during last year's holiday shopping season?

You have to wonder if Apple planned all along to delay the launch of a more affordable 16GB model, thereby forcing holiday shoppers looking to fulfill iPod touch wishlists with higher priced versions (the 32GB model sells for $299 and the 64GB model for $399).

iPod touch 16GB

Or maybe it's arrival is by popular demand. Whatever the reason, it's here now, though unlike the other fifth generation iPod touch devices, the 16GB version lacks a rear-facing camera and is only available in black and silver. In other words, Apple is still trying to nudge consumers towards higher priced models.

The 16GB iPod touch weighs slightly less than its 32GB and 64GB brethren -- 3.04 ounces versus 3.10 ounces -- otherwise it's the same media player with a 4-inch Retina-class multi-touch IPS display (1136x640 resolution; 326ppi), 1.2MP FaceTime (front-facing) camera, built-in Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, and so forth.