Apple Reveals Plan To Turn Mac Into A Gaming Platform Powerhouse

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Apple is supposedly done with being an afterthought in the gaming industry and believes that Macs running Apple Silicon will change its fortunes. Mac product marketing manager Gordon Keppel said in a recent interview that “every Mac that ships with Apple Silicon can play AAA games pretty fantastically. Apple Silicon has been transformative of our mainstream systems that got tremendous boosts in graphics with M1, M2, and now with M3.”

The M series chips have features that are key to gaming in 2023. The latest M3 chip supports Dynamic Caching, hardware-accelerated ray-tracing, and mesh shading. These are features that game developers look for, and the most demanding gamers expect when it comes to gaming-focused hardware. So Keppel is right to boast about them when hyping up Apple Silicon as Apple wants to become a bigger player in the gaming space.

Doug Brooks, another member of the Mac product marketing team, says that “before a chip even exists, gaming is fundamentally incorporated during those early planning stages and then throughout development.” While speaking of Apple Silicon’s design regarding CPU, GPU, and memory he would add, “If you look at the chips that go in the latest consoles, they look a lot like that with integrated CPU, GPU, and memory.”

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Of course, all the hardware features in the world don’t mean anything if there are no games to play. Apple is looking to bring more developers to the Mac with its Game Porting Toolkit, which greatly reduces the effort necessary to bring a game over to the Mac. It has also brought along well-known developers such as Kojima Productions and Annapurna Interactive.

Apple has missed the gaming boat several times in its history, but Apple Silicon does have an ace up its sleeve that might make the difference this time around. While the Mac is being touted during the interview it’s important to remember that Apple Silicon is also available on iPhone and iPad devices, so the AAA gaming experience will also be available to these users. Developers always care about a large user base, and this one might be too big to ignore. The Mac might finally become a legitimate gaming platform thanks to the iPhone.