Apple Offers College Students $200 Discount on Macs Plus a $100 App Store Gift Card

With all due respect to anyone enjoying their summer break, school is almost once again in session. Yes, it's only mid-July, but before you know it, August will be wrapping up and that annoying alarm clock will be buzzing way too early as you stumble out of bed and head to class. On the bright side, you're investing in your future, so your suffering won't be in vain. Also on the bright side is the opportunity to score some deals courtesy of various back-to-school promotions.

As it were, Apple's back-to-school campaign is in full session. The Cupertino company hopes to pack your bag with a laptop, desktop, or mobile device, and if you qualify for an education discount, you can save up to $200 plus receive a $100 App Store gift card.

MacBook for Education

To qualify, you must be a college student, a student accepted to a college, a parent buying for a college student, or a faculty or staff member from any grade level.

Assuming you qualify, you'll receive the above mentioned gift card with the purchase of a Mac, and you'll save with education pricing on top of it. Or you can buy an iPad or iPhone and a $50 card.

MacBook Air pricing starts at $949, which represents a $50 discount over the normal selling price. The $50 savings extends across the board to all four baseline MacBook Air configurations, including the two 11.6-inch models and two 13.3-inch models.

The biggest savings come when you shop a MacBook Pro. You can save up to $200 versus regular pricing, including on the least expensive configuration, which starts at $999 versus $1,199 (13.3-inch, 2.5GHz, 4GB DDR3-1600, 500GB HDD).