Apple may be launch notebook using Intel Robson cache this month?

Digitimes is reporting that "sources" claim Apple will be introducing a new notebook utilizing Intel Robson Cache Technology.  Basically, the system uses NAND flash memory for booting and running most commonly run programs.  Along with major improvements in boot times, battery life should be improved significantly as power consumption is reduced as NAND has no moving parts.

"According to industry observers, there are three possible ways Apple can deploy Robson technology in its notebook. The most convenient way would be to equip the device with a NAND flash disk on module (DOM) that would plug into an ATA slot. Another method would be a combination memory solution, whereby Robson is deployed on the HDD. HDD makers would provide an addition density area that would be assigned to NAND flash. The last solution, which is also the most direct solution, is to embedded the Robson-flash into a chipset or create an additional slot on the motherboard for such memory. However, this solution would involve the motherboard and chipset makers, so observers doubt the possibility."