Apple Is Building Its Own AI Chatbot To Challenge ChatGPT And Bard

Apple HQ hero
We have seen prior evidence of Apple building a generative AI like ChatGPT, but reports emerged a few hours ago that the first fruits of the firm's machine learning-fueled labor are actually being tested in house.
According to unnamed sources, the Apple framework upon which its chatbot's large language model (LLM) is built is dubbed Ajax. Moreover, the sources indicate that internally, Apple engineers are referring to the chatbot as Apple GPT.

Of course, an internal name, and testing for that matter, doesn't inevitably lead to a consumer-facing product, let alone one with the leaked code name. Nevertheless, news about this AI chatbot development advance shared by financial tech heavyweight site Bloomberg, helped its shares pop mid-way through yesterday's trading session. Investor interest, sparked by the news, lead to Apple shares reaching an all-time high, before tailing off slightly into close.

We don't have a lot of new information about 'Apple GPT.' The fact that Apple is busy hiring for this AI venture was highlighted in our report back in May. Meanwhile, existing Apple engineers throughout the firm have allegedly been warned not to use rival tech. Reports suggest a "no AI" memo went around, after a spate of AI LLM sourced leaks from rivals such as Samsung a few months ago.

Apple journal uses AI

Apple hasn't officially responded to the rumors and leaks uncovered by Bloomberg and repeated in a multitude of finance-focused outlets like CNBC et al. In the background, though, we see Apple has been slowing pushing forward advanced AI in some of its staple apps like Photos, Journal, Autocorrect, and in the recently announced Apple Vision Pro.