Apple iPod Touch Reportedly Receiving Speedy, 64-bit Brain Transplant Next Week

With the success of its iPhone family, Apple could be forgiven if it decided to retire its iPod touch line altogether. However, an early retirement doesn't appear to be in the cards for the Cupertino outfit. Not only is the iPod touch line sticking around, but rumor has it the media player is getting a 64-bit upgrade, leaving the iPhone 5C as the only remaining 32-bit device.

Current generation iPod touch devices are powered by Apple's custom A5 System-on-Chip (SoC). The rumor that's circulating doesn't mention which SoC Apple will plop inside its next generation of iPod touch devices, though the A7 chip that's used in the 
iPhone 5S seems like a logical choice. If so, that could also mean an M7 motion co-processor hitches a ride.

iPod touch

We should find out for sure soon enough, as promotional images AppleInsider found in iTunes 12.2 pointed to a July 14 (next Tuesday) launch. In addition to upgraded hardware, you can also expect new color options, including pink, gold (is best! -- sorry, couldn't resist), and dark blue, which again is based on information contained in iTunes 12.2.

While on the topic of color, the iTunes dissection also revealed that the new color options will apply to Apple's iPod shuffle and iPod nano series. Just don't expect any new hardware or features, as it doesn't appear Apple has plans of upgrading either line.