Next-Gen Apple iPhone XI Allegedly Leaked In New Schematic Confirming Triple-Cameras

iPhone XI
Smartphone makers have received the memo that camera performance is important, and as such, it is now fairly common to find phone models with multiple camera sensors. This allows for greater flexibility when taking photographs—everything from wide-angle and telephoto shots, to improved depth of field effects. Apple has jumped on the multiple camera bandwagon as well, and a newly leaked schematic suggests the unreleased iPhone XI will up the ante with a triple camera arrangement.

This is not the first time we have heard this rumor, nor is it the first time that a schematic has appeared showing three cameras on an iPhone. A similar thing happened prior to the iPhone X launch, and of course a triple camera configuration ultimately did not come to pass. Given how the landscape has quickly evolved since then, however, it is plausible that an iPhone XI model finally get three camera sensors on the rear.
The schematic comes courtesy of notorious leaker Steve Hemmerstoffer, otherwise known as @OnLeaks on Twitter. He did not say where the schematic originates from, only that it "seemingly" confirms the accuracy of a leak in January that pointed to the same thing—three rear cameras.

As depicted, the iPhone XI arranges the cameras in a triangle. There is also an LED flash and microphone, which makes for a busy section of the smartphone. Personally, I think it's an eyesore, if the rendering Hemmerstoffer previously posted ends up being how the final design looks.

That said, there is definite utility in having multiple cameras. I recently splurged on an iPhone XS Max, and it is the first phone I've owned where I am generally happy with the camera performance. If done right, a triple camera arrangement would improve things in multiple ways, though detailed specs (and real-world performance) will have to wait for another day.

Thumbnail/Top Image Source: Twitter via @OnLeaks