Apple iPhone To Cure Blackberry Thumb, Pass Everybody Else By

I saw the nifty iPhone rollout yesterday, and wondered: Am I the only one that doesn't think this is a phone?

It's a PDA you can talk on the phone with. It's a nifty tablet PC you can talk on the phone on. It's an iPod you can call people with. But it's the phone is the add-on, not the other way around. It's twice the size of even my old non-folding brick phone.

So who's going to want one?

The iPhone takes aim at high-end cell phones from Motorola Inc., Nokia Oyj, Samsung Electronics Ltd. and Sony Ericsson, and dampens the prospects of RIM's Blackberry or Palm's Treo in the wider consumer market. "This (iPhone) does have the potential to shake up the competitive landscape even if it's not a device that's targeted to mass consumers," said Michael Nelson, analyst at Stanford Group. "It's clearly targeted towards the highest-value subscribers and they are the most profitable subscribers."

The great unwashed are going to get something smaller and less versatile for free from their carrier, and Apple will do what they do -- make it shiny, versatile and expensive, and make a lot of money from a few people.

It's still nifty, though.