Apple iPhone OS 3.1 Gets Official

Today, Apple officially announced iPhone OS 3.1 which includes Genius recommendations for the App Store. The update also provides a ringtone store with over 30,000 ringtones which are available for $1.29 each.

For users who find it tedious to search for and find new applications in Apple’s App Store, the Genius media-recommendation algorithm should come in handy. The algorithm looks at the apps you already own and then makes recommendations based on that information.

The iPhone OS 3.1 update also includes a number of iTunes 9 related features such as support for Genius Mixes, the ability to generate playlists of tracks based on your library, the ability to organize applications on your iPhone’s Home screen using iTunes, iTunes U content organization, and new syncing options for music, movies, TV shows, podcasts, and photos.

iPhone 3.1 also provides the ability to redeem iTunes gift cards, codes, and certificates in the App Store as well as a way to view iTunes account credits in both the App Store and in the iTunes Store.

After AT&T rolls out MMS functionality on September 25, iPhone 3.1 users will have the ability to save videos from both Mail and MMS into the Camera Roll. With the 3.1 update, users will also be able to save a copy of a trimmed video clip without overwriting the original clip.

Other updates include the option to use the Home button on the 3GS to activate Accessibility features as well as various bug fixes. Voice Control is also now accessible via a Bluetooth headset and you should get better 3G Wi-Fi performance when Bluetooth is turned on. New security features include the ability to remotely lock an iPhone with a passcode using MobileMe and an antiphishing warning when visiting fraudulent Web sites in Safari. Apple also claims users will enjoy improved Exchange calendar syncing and invitation handling.

The new 3.1 OS is available today and is a free upgrade for all iPhone users and iPod touch users with OS 3.0. For touch users who have held off on buying the 3.0 update, your patience has paid off—the latest upgrade now costs only $4.95.