Apple iPhone 8 Final Design Seemingly Confirmed In Leaked CAD Renders

We have been keeping count of the number of combined rumors and leaked photos showing Apple's unreleased and unannounced iPhone 8 model, which is now more than four million. Just kidding, we have no idea what the actual number is, only that it is not small. Adding to the pile is a collection of iPhone renders that are based on leaked CAD files for the final design of the iPhone 8.

Gordon Kelly, a contributing writer for Forbes, has been collaborating with case designer Nodus on the iPhone 8 renders. Nodus shared with Kelly CAD files that Apple has been distributing to the supply chain so that accessory makers can be ready with compatible products, such as cases, skins, and so forth. But of course this is the Internet we are talking about, where secrets are near impossible to hold onto.

iPhone 8 Renders
Image Source: Forbes via Gordon Kelly and Nodus

According to Kelly, the renders that he and Nodus came up with are representative of what the final version of the iPhone 8 will look like, as opposed to early prototypes. He also notes that despite some manufacturing and technical problems Apple had been having with the iPhone 8, fans of the iPhone can rest easy knowing that Apple is not falling back on a Plan B of sorts—it is sticking with its original design.

That means the iPhone 8 will not lug around the same thick bezels found on previous iPhone models. It also means the iPhone 8 will sport a long and large 5.8-inch display with a cutout at the top for the front facing camera and sensors. And as previously rumored, Apple is swapping out the horizontal orientation of the rear camera setup for a vertical alignment, which is intended to help the iPhone 8 with augmented reality chores.

While not shown in any of the renders, it is also said the iPhone 8 will have retain the Lightning port and not make the switch to USB-C, even though the latter is found on the newest MacBooks. Do not hold your breath waiting on the return of a 3.5mm audio jack, either—it is not coming back.

One thing that is still unknown is whether Apple will be able to incorporate Touch ID functionality into the display in time for the iPhone 8. If not, Apple might opt to use the larger power button on the side as a Touch ID button.

The iPhone 8 will be Apple's 10th anniversary iPhone model. With Apple receiving criticism in the past for a perceived lack of innovation in new iPhone models, the pressure is on the Cupertino company to make a splash with the iPhone 8. Part of that is rumored to entail an upgrade to an OLED panel, though we will have to wait and see.