Apple iPhone 7’s Retail Launch Reportedly Set For September 16th

Famed tech informant Evan Blass, known as @evleaks on Twitter, claims Apple is gearing up to release its iPhone 7 model to retail on the week of September 12, and most likely on that Friday, September 16. And to be clear, he's referring to when you can actually go out and purchase an iPhone 7 model, not the launch event, which will take place sometime beforehand.

There's no reason not to believe Blass on this one. Even ignoring his more than favorable history with leaking inside information that later turns out to be accurate, including Apple leaks, the time frame generally fits with Apple's past launches. A September 16 release is slightly earlier than the September 25 retail launch of the iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus, but not by much. And because it's on a Friday, Apple will be kicking things off with a full weekend of sales.

iPhone 6s Plus
The iPhone 7 is said to be slimmer than the iPhone 6 (iPhone 6s Plus shown above)

A September 16 release also gives Apple a few weeks of iPhone 7 sales to help bolster figures for its fiscal fourth quarter. That probably played a big role in Apple's decision to release the iPhone 7 a little earlier than it did the iPhone 6, especially since there was so much made out of iPhone sales suffering a year-on-year decline for the first time ever during its fiscal second quarter earlier this year.

Past rumors point to there being three iPhone 7 models, including the iPhone 7, iPhone 7 Pro, and iPhone SE. Not a lot is known about the models, even at this relatively late stage, though it's said the new generation iPhone will be a little bit slimmer and presumably lighter. Apple's also said to be removing the standard 3.5mm headphone jack, rendering your existing headphones obsolete (barring a Lightning port adapter).

It's also a safe bet that the iPhone 7 will be the fastest, more powerful model yet. It's par for course for Apple to upgrade its custom SoC with burlier compute and graphics horsepower and it will be interesting to see if the Cupertino outfit finally moves to a quad-core design, and perhaps more RAM to boot.