Apple iPhone 7, iPhone 7 Pro And iPhone Special Edition Rumored For Launch This Year

It's beginning to look like 2016 could be one of the biggest years we've seen for the iPhone in quite some time, as it's possible that three new variants are going to show up. Those include the iPhone 7, the iPhone Pro, and iPhone SE.

There's not a lot known (or speculated on) about the iPhone 7 at this point in time, although it's being said that it's supposed to be a bit slimmer than the current-gen models. Despite the slimming-down being just 1mm, it does raise concern about whether or not battery-life is going to be affected. Let's just hope that Apple isn't sacrificing battery-life so that we can all wrap our phones in a hideous battery pack.

Previous rumors said that the next iPhone could be waterproof, but as it appears now, that's not going to be the case at all. It's worth noting that Samsung's Galaxy S7 is dust-proof and water resistant, so the Korean-based company may have a leg up in that regard. Apple has been able to decide between slimness and durability, but has allegedly chosen the former.

iPhone 6s Plus HotHardware

As we've discussed before, Apple is expected to launch its iPhone SE later this month. That phone was originally set to be called the iPhone 5se, which signifies a shift in Apple's naming scheme. Ultimately, it seems likely that the company is trying to simplify things and get away from using numbers to denote a new generation, but given we've become used to the current naming scheme for so long, figuring this out right now is actually quite complicated.

The iPhone SE is going to cater to those who liked the smaller form-factor of older iPhones but crave the modern hardware that graces the iPhone 6s. So where does the iPhone Pro come in? That could be a direct replacement of the iPhone 6s Plus, the largest phone in Apple's portfolio with an added perk of a dual-lens camera created by LinX, a company Apple purchased in 2015.

With Apple set to make some big announcements later this month, we won't have long to wait to see the first part of this iPhone rollout take place.