Apple iOS 17.2 Is Packed With Features Like Qi2 Wireless Charging For iPhone 13 And 14

hero iOS 17 2
Apple's incoming iOS 17.2 stable release is jam-packed with new features, as well as unlocking Qi2 wireless capabilities for iPhones 13 and 14. Unfortunately, you'll have to wait a while to actually use the new protocol since you can't buy Qi2 chargers just yet.

This week, Apple shared the release candidate beta version of iOS 17.2 with public beta testers and developers, which means the stable release could be available to the general public as early as next week. Cupertino has also provided release notes for the update highlighting new features, fixes, etc.

One feature that's new to 17.2 is the addition of the Journal app, which was shown off at WWDC earlier this year. The app "lets you write about the small moments and big events in your life so you can practice gratitude and improve your wellbeing," according to the release notes. Journaling suggestions will help along the way by grouping outings, photos, and other moments into journal entries.

With the new update, iPhone 15 Pro and 15 Pro Max phones can record spatial video, accessible with a new toggle for the Vision Pro in Settings. Initially, the recorded resolution will be capped at 1080p/30fps and will take up around 130MB of storage per minute of captured spatial video.


A nice surprise for iPhone 13 and 14 owners is that the iOS 17.2 will give their phones Qi2 compatibility. In case you missed it, Qi2 is the sophomore version of the Qi wireless charging protocol that's long been used primarily on Android phones.

Qi2 basically brings standardized MagSafe-like charging magnets into play, while allowing charging speeds up to 15W (with the exception of some proprietary Qi2 chargers which can go higher). This new protocol also means that both Qi2-equipped Apple and Android devices will have access to each others charging accessories, such as those from Anker, Belkin, and on.

While Qi2 chargers are not being sold at the moment, it's expected to change in 2024 with more new phones being equipped for the standard. Among others, we can somewhat predict that CES in January will see a barrage of Qi2 chargers being shown.