Google's Pixel 8 Wireless Charging Certification Is Kind Of A Bummer For Android Users

hero Google Pixel 7 and 7 Pro
The Google Pixel 8 has potentially revealed its wireless charging capabilities to the world and the news might disappoint quite a few Pixel fans. Let's find out why.

On Wednesday, a new listing for the upcoming Google Pixel 8 (model GKWS6) was registered with the Wireless Power Consortium (WPC). This is standard regulatory practice for devices intending on utilizing Qi charging, but a couple of things stand out to even casual readers. 

PIxel 8 WPC

First of all is the Qi versioning of 1.2.4, which means the Pixel 8's version is identical to its predecessor, the Pixel 7 series. When the Pixel 7 and 7 Pro launched, Mountain View declared those phones would charge wirelessly at up to 23W, but users found out quickly that that speed was possible only with the company's 2nd generation Pixel Stand. In all other cases, charging was capped at 12W. Other phones like Samsung's S23 Ultra speed slightly ahead at 15W.

What some may call a missed opportunity is that the Pixel 8 won't sport the latest Qi2 protocol. This new version is derived from Apple's fantastic MagSafe, where we can expect to see magnets used to align with Qi charging coils and third-party accessories to match. MagSafe for Android devices has been a long-requested feature, so seeing Pixel 8 listing without it is kind of a bummer. However, Qi2 was only announced in January, so it's possible the finalized standard didn't make the Pixel 8's development cycle.

All that said, one key thing to note here is that there's no Pixel 8 Pro listing on the WPC site, either. While Qi 1.2.4 might seem like a done deal with the regular Pixel 8, it is possible that Google might reserve the newer (and better) Qi2 for a flagship 8 Pro. Stay tuned as more info becomes available.