Apple Bring Ads To U.S. iOS 10 App Store Search Results

Do you like advertisements every where you turn? If you own an iPhone, Apple is now opening up one of its more used apps to advertising. Apple will start including ads in its App Store searches in the United States.

The addition of ads in the App Store is not entirely a new concept. Users who tested the beta version of iOS 10 have seen these ads for months. The corporation first announced App store adds this past June before the Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC).

apple headquarters

The ads will pop up on top of the search results on iOS 10 devices and will only be related to a user’s search queries. For example, if a customer looked up Pokémon Go, other Pokémon apps would be suggested. Apple also claims that these ads will respect user privacy.

Some have been concerned that this ad style will only promote major, popular apps from devs and publishers with deep pockets. Apple, however, promises that it has created a system where ads will lead to more downloads for smaller developers. Apple is currently offering eligible developers $100 USD in credit to help cover the cost of their first search ad campaigns in order to encourage the adoption of the program.

apple store

Apple made even more changes to their app store this past June. The company now allows developers to sell subscriptions to customers for any of their apps. If the developers adopt this system and manage to retain long-term customers, they can receive up to an 85% cut of revenue. Developers are also able to choose from over two hundred subscription price points. Customers can change their subscription level at any time and must be notified if a developer raises the price of a particular tier.

Overall, the changes to the Apple store should appease app developers. Smaller apps will now have more of a chance under the new ad system.