Apple, AT&T Hit with 3rd iPhone Battery Lawsuit

Ho-hum, it’s been nearly two weeks since the last Apple iPhone battery lawsuit. How time flies when lawyers are preparing briefs.  Here we go with the third iPhone battery lawsuit.

Interestingly, one of the attorneys representing the latest plaintiffs is Oakland-based lawyer H. Tim Hoffman, who also represents Sydney Leung, who filed the second lawsuit against Apple and AT&T nearly two weeks ago.
On Wednesday, attorneys for plaintiffs Zoltan Stiener and Ynez Stiener filed a class action complaint against Apple and AT&T in federal court in Oakland, Calif.

The lawsuit alleges breach of contract, fraud, and violations of California law. It charges the two companies with failing to inform iPhone purchasers that fees totaling more than $100 are required to replace iPhone batteries and to maintain service during battery replacement.
I’m still not convinced of the validity of these suits, although some experts say there is some legitimacy to them, at least if the purchases took place before the replacement plan was revealed. Still, I wouldn’t be surprised if this ends up the same way the iPod battery lawsuit did, with Apple settling out of court.