Apple Ascends to Second Place in U.S. Mobile Share for First Time

There was a bit of moving and shaking among the top OEM mobile players in U.S. market share, though not for the top spot. That position remains firmly in the grasp of Samsung, which now holds a 26.3 percent share of the mobile market, up from 25.6 percent last quarter, according to data collected from comScore's MobiLens service. Second place, however, now belongs to Apple, which jumped 1.5 percentage points to 17.8 percent, enough to slip in front of LG, which holds a 17.6 percent share.

Motorola (11 percent) and HTC (6 percent) round out the list of top 5 mobile OEMs, both of which lost a little bit of ground for the three month period ending October 2012.

Apple iPhone 5

It would appear that Apple's iPhone 5 device, despite some hiccups at launch, is proving popular enough to push the Cupertino company up the ranks. iOS also increased its mobile market share, gaining nearly a percentage point to claim 34.3 percent of the market, though it came at the expense of RIM, Microsoft, and BlackBerry. Google's Android platform still commands the lion's share of the mobile market at 53.6 percent, up 1.4 percentage points versus the three month period ended July 2012.