Apple AirPods Tipped For A Major Overhaul Inside And Out Starting In 2024

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A new leak suggests that Apple may be aiming to shake things up a bit with its Apple AirPods over the next couple of years. The thought is the Cupertino-based company could launch two sets of fourth-generation AirPods next year to combat low sales of the iconic earbuds.

Apple AirPods were first announced in 2016 alongside the iPhone 7 and Apple Watch Series 2. Since that time, the earbuds have seen two more generations, with the latest third-gen AirPods launching in 2021. However, with so many options these days and very little change to Apple's AirPods over the years, many have either opted to hold on to the pair they have or moved on to another brand. Apple has seemingly gotten the message and is purportedly looking to change its game plan by launching two sets of AirPods other than its high-end AirPods Pro.

mark gurman airpods tweet

Mark Gurman broke the news on his X feed, tweeting, "Apple plans AirPods overhaul, including two 4th-generation models (including one with noise-cancellation) and Max headphones with USB-C for late 2024." He added that a new version of the AirPods Pro is scheduled for sometime in 2025.

Apple hopes that by launching two lower-end sets of AirPods will attract more buyers. The higher-end of the two will borrow some features from its sibling AirPods Pro, while the lower-end model will remain in the basic form. Gurman points out that neither model will include replaceable silicon ear tips, like those that come with the AirPods Pro, but will keep the same one-size-fits-most design. It could be that Apple wants to keep that feature exclusive to the higher-end earbuds and still give buyers a reason to opt for those.

Both models will continue with Apple's move to USB-C, with the next generation AirPods Max doing the same. It is a bit disappointing that Apple is waiting another year to upgrade its AirPod Max headset, being it could opt to give a second-generation pair the new H2 chip that is in the AirPod Pros and take advantage of the upcoming holiday shopping season. The second generation AirPods Max is said to be coming with only a slight refresh with a USB-C port, a few new colors, and perhaps lossless audio when paired with the Vision Pro.

Perhaps Apple will surprise us all with something more during its upcoming "Scary fast" event, which is more than likely Apple announcing its new M3 chip and a new iMac. That event is scheduled for October 30, 2023, at 5pm PT.