Apex Legends Survival Mode Leaked With Spectators And Commentators Surveying The Battlefield

Apex Legends
Apex Legends has taken the gaming scene by storm and is giving Fortnite some competition in the battle royale space. While the focus is on teams of three, there could be a new mode on the horizon that will feature NPCs (non-playable characters).

Data miners discovered a new Spectator mode while digging through the game's files. In this mode, players would play in front of a crowd of spectator NPCs. The crowd would react to the gameplay in a variety of ways, such as roaring and cheering, busting out in chants, acting shocked, and so forth. These are the same types of reactions that real crowds have at sporting events.

The reactions could be in a loop, such as repeated clapping, or be a one-time thing, such as being shocked or astonished at an in-game event.

In addition to spectating and reacting with gasps and cheers, the Survival mode would also include commentators. During the matches, the NPCs would analyze players and provide feedback. These would be based on whether the player did "poorly," "okay," "well," or "great." It appears that each category would have various responses.

it's not clear how the matches would actually be played, and whether they would be team-based as it is now, or if solo play might factor into the equation. It's also possible that Respawn Entertainment won't actually implement a Survival mode, but simply toyed around with the idea.

That said, ApexUpdate on Twitter did find references to solo and duo modes, which seems like a logical extension to the current gameplay (whether a Spectator mode emerges or not). While teamwork is essential for doing well in Apex Legends, the developers could potentially attract an even wider audience if they implemented solo and duo modes. We'll have to wait and see.