Poetic Justice As Respawn Matches AI-Detected Apex Legends Cheaters With Each Other To Expose The Lame

Apex Legends's developers have been fighting cheaters almost as long as the game has been around. Developers for the game had banned about 770,000 Apex Legends cheaters as of May. Respawn devs have checked in with the gaming community over on Reddit and given some insight into what is going on in the game and its attempts to stop cheaters from ruining the game. One of the tactics that Apex Legends is using hilariously matches cheaters and spammers together.

apex legends octane

Apex Legends matchmaking now pairs detected cheaters and spammers together in matches. Respawn is investigating how people party up for matches noting that gamers not explicitly using a cheat, but partying up with cheaters, are still cheating. Apex Legends is also using machine learning to create behavior models that can detect and auto-ban cheaters.

TFA is now required in certain regions on high-risk accounts. Improved detection identifies and bans new spam accounts before they are even used. Respawn says that the war on cheaters will be ongoing and that it is a high priority. However, cheaters aren't all Respawn addressed in its update.

It also talked about what some errors mean. The code:leaf error means that the server never answered when asked to connect. Code:net means that gamers were on a server, and it disappeared and stopped responding. The code:leaf error is the most common error seen. Respawn says that means the backend created a match, the servers talked to one another, users were sent to the match, but the player never got an answer from the new server.

The investigation into what is causing that error is ongoing. Respawn says it is working its way through theories to see what the issue could be and eliminate possibilities. Respawn also reminded gamers that new skins were available for those that link Twitch Prime accounts.