AOpen miniPC available now

AOpen miniPC available now

San Jose, CA - November 1, 2005 - AOpen, an award-winning global leader in PC component and system design and manufacturing, continues its miniaturized personal computing innovation with a cool new twist to PC computing, the most affordable and compact PC ever, the AOpen miniPC. The launch of the unique miniPC testifies the strong R&D capability of AOpen and demonstrates that the product development expertise of the company takes the leading position in the world.

"AOpen's R&D expertise has progressed from desktop platforms to small form factor platforms," said Chris Liu, VP of Product and Marketing of AOpen America. "Now we are taking a giant leap forward to develop consumer and ultra small form factor platforms. The development of miniPC proves that AOpen's product strategy is moving in the right direction to meet our partner's and customer demand."

AOpen has accumulated nearly 20 years of experience in manufacturing PC systems and components. As AOpen fields a comprehensive array of components, along with strong R&D capabilities and technology assets, it is able to combine superior components that have been subjected to rigorous testing and carefully matched to ensure compatibility and reliability. Only then is the entire package shipped to channel vendors who then can customize solutions further to meet their customer's needs.

AOpen's products are distinctive, attractive, high-performance, durable, and technologically definitive. The AOpen miniPC is perfect example of AOpen'sinnovation.

Starting at just $399 for Linux-based version with Linspire and $499 for Windows XP-based computer, miniPC is the ideal desktop computer for musicians, designers, students, avid computer enthusiasts, and even the most hardcore gamers by providing an ultimate PC computing experience in an incredibly compact form factor.

The 6.5-inch, square metallic miniPC has a slot-load CD drive and a power button in the front, along with two USB ports, one 1394 and speaker out/mic in the back. It features the latest Intel Pentium M notebook processor, allowing near silent cooling without sacrificing performance. In addition, the miniPC boasts a DVI Connection, integrated Ethernet card and slot-loaded DVD-Burner. The product is built with mini-PCI 802.11 a/b/g wireless communication module and Bluetooth support.


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