AOC Preps AG273QC FreeSync 2 HDR And G-Sync 27-inch Monitors With 0.5ms Response Times

aoc agon
For ages, a 1ms response time has been the de facto standard for serious gamers, although we think most would agree that up to 4ms isn't too bad. 8ms is outright ridiculous. Well, both 4ms and 8ms seem real lackluster when compared to AOC's upcoming offerings: a couple of monitors sporting a 0.5 ms response time; or in other words, a response time that's 1/2,000th of a second.

Whether or not most gamers would even notice the perceived difference between 1ms and 0.5ms is hard to gauge, but many serious gamers are likely to take this kind of release seriously simply because every little bit helps. And, this AOC duo sports other features that make them seem downright impressive.

Both of these monitors, AG273QCX (FreeSync 2) and AG273QGC (G-SYNC), are curved and support a 1440p resolution. On the NVIDIA side, a refresh rate up to 165Hz is supported, whereas on the AMD model, that peaks at 144Hz. However, the AMD model has another feature that may make it look far more attractive than the NVIDIA one: HDR. While HDR isn't heavily used in gaming right now, that's something we hope will soon change, as it can help the picture "pop" with much improved coloring and lighting.

agon specs

For all that it offers, the FreeSync AG273QCX retails for €599, whereas the G-SYNC model, AG273QCG, costs €699. What that extra €100 would get you is a 165Hz refresh rate, and a better panel (VA vs. TN on the FreeSync), but it'd come at the expense of losing HDR. If only the G-SYNC monitor also had HDR, decisions would probably be a lot easier to make (unless, of course, you prefer one GPU vendor over the other, in which case the decision is simple).

Both monitors are expected to ship in the Spring 2018.