Antec NeoPower 480, DDR2 Roundup, Albatron K8X800 Pro II and More

Good evening friends, welcome back to HH :)  Thanks for bearing with me this morning, I made it to my meeting on time, but, not with much room to spare.  Nonetheless, taking a gander into my inbox-o-wonders, it looks like my fellow editors from around the net had quite the busy day themselves.  So, without further ado, here is your evening dose of juice...

 Antec NeoPower 480 Review @ ClubOC

"The box top of the Antec NeoPower 480, aside from the obvious Matrix overtones, clearly shows the power supply's greatest innovative feature. No, not the use of a single 120mm fan to provide cooling. How about the five connectors that allow you to pick and choose as many, or as few, power lines as you wish. You only see four? There is one hiding that we'll get to in my own photo-shoot. With the NeoPower 480, Antec has opened their own door towards product firsts. The NeoPower is the first Antec power supply to feature Active Power Fluctuation Control, use a 120mm fan for cooling, and support the ATX 2.0 12V standard."

 DDR2 Roundup @ t-break

"With us today, we have DDR2 memory modules by four manufacturers and we're gonna be looking at the performance differences between these modules as well as compare them with the previous generation DDR modules. The manufacturers that were kind enough to send us their modules are Corsair, Kingmax, OCZ Technologies and TwinMOS. Lets take a look at each of these modules"

 Albatron K8X800 Pro II Version 2.0 Motherboard Review @ 3DX

"The Albatron K8X800 Pro II v2 has working multiplier settings, 1.9 max vcore, 2.9 max DIMM voltage but still lacks working AGP and PCI dividers. The Albatron K8X800 Pro II v2 motherboard is a solid piece of hardware. Bundling so many features it's almost mind numbing. 8 channel onboard sound, Gigabit Lan, IEE1394 round out the features found on higher priced motherboards."

 Gainward 6800GT 2400/Ultra Golden Sample Review @ Neoseeker

"The layout of the Gainward card itself is based on the Nvidia reference solution. However, the cooling is anything but. Gainward moves in the opposite direction from the Golden Sample 5950 of last year; instead of turning a dual slot solution into a single slot solution, Gainward takes the single slot 6800 GT and turns it into a dual slot beast."

 The Radeon 9800 Pro to Radeon 9800XT Mod Guide Rev. 5.1 @ RojackPot

"Even with the introduction of a new class of GPUs from ATI and NVIDIA, your Radeon 9800 Pro card is still something to be reckoned with! In fact, many Radeon 9800 Pro cards can be given a further boost in performance by modding them into full Radeon 9800XT cards!"

 ATI RADEON 9250 Shootout @ Hardware Zone

"Wanting to replace that low-grade integrated graphics on your motherboard with an affordable graphics card to deliver crisp, sharp and vibrant graphics? To simplify your decision, we rounded up seven of the latest entry-level ATI RADEON 9250 graphics cards."

 6800 to 6800Ultra mod @ PCUnleash

"Some people have claimed that once you get the bios flashing, the 6800 can open up the extra pipelines. These claims, it turns out, are true but the results are certainly not optimal. At best, when the process is successful you'll achieve 16 pipelines, but the driver would still be indicated as a mere 6800. Here, however, I will show you a much superior method. I will demonstrate that even a 6800LE, which has only eight pipelines, can be readily transformed into a full-fledged 6800Ultra."

Time for me to get some work done friends.  Catch you later :) - Cheers

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