Anker Blowout Deals Bring Huge Savings Up To Half Off Charging And Docking Devices

anker 737 power bank

Users in need of a beefy power bank, flexible USB-C charger, or high quality cable are in luck. Anker is currently running an array of deals on many of its products, and some of them are available for half off their regular prices.

For example, check out this 24,000mAh Power Bank, pictured at the top. 24,000mAh is pretty hefty, and more than enough for multiple smartphone or laptop charges, and it's especially nice considering it operates at about 140 Watts. At $50 off its usual retail price of $149.99, you save 33% and only pay $99.99!

If you just want a spare charger for your phone or laptop, the Anker 60W 2-Port USB-C PowerPort Atom PD 2 Wall Charger may fit the bill. This compact and foldable wall charger has an output of 60 watts and can charge a MacBook Pro or MacBook Air, iPads, or almost any modern mobile phone. It'll also charge two devices at one, though when using both outputs the power output drops to 30 watts for each port. This suprisingly small dual-port USB-C charger is only $25.49 at the moment, down $14.50, thanks to a 36% discount from $49.99.

High quality cables are also a must, if you want quick, reliable charging. The Anker 543 USB C to USB C cable supports 140 watts of power deliver, over 6 feet. The cables are reinforced with Bio-Based Nylon and are designed to withstand up to 20,000 bends, without fraying. A cable like this supports Fast Charging, which allows it to charge a Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra up to 65% in about 30 minutes when used in conjunction with the right charger. At only $11.99, that's 48% off and a savings of $11!

There are many more deals running as well. A huge listing is available on Amazon, or you can check out some of our other picks from Anker below: