From Dominatrix To Dating And Horror Flicks, Animal Crossing New Horizons Gets Wilder By The Day

animal crossing new horizons dating
The recent COVID-19 pandemic has encouraged many people to find alternate ways to engage with others and entertain themselves. One particular video game has proven to be a perfect platform during this strange time. Surprisingly, Animal Crossing: New Horizons has not only been a smashing success in traditional game title fashion, but it also has provided a myriad of opportunities for social activities, from dating, to sex workers, a horror movie trailer, and even a talk show.

Restaurants and other traditional dating venues are currently closed or severely limited in most countries. This can make it rather difficult for potential lovebirds to go on a date. However, Animal Crossing allows players to visit each other’s islands, spend 200 bells to send a card to a friend, or send either items in the mail.

The game therefore provides an interactive experience that is difficult to replicate at the moment. Players have mentioned that they have enjoyed fishing, catching butterflies, and simply “sitting” next to their date. Players can also still get something out of the experience if the date goes south. Some players have visited each other’s islands simply to collect fruit that does not grow on their own island.

animal crossing new horizons dominatrix

Animal Crossing has also provided a platform of sorts for sex workers during this time. Denali Winter, a dominatrix based in San Francisco, is currently using the game to attract clients. Winter “forces” clients to do a variety of chores on their island. If the client “misbehaves”, they can be placed in a virtual cage. The client can also be hit with a butterfly net or mocked.

Denali Slave 708px
Dominatrix Role Playing In ACNH

Winter recently remarked in an interview, “Sex workers are always adapting, and this is just another layer of adaptation. I need to connect with my clients somehow.” Winter is also non-binary and noted the game has allowed clients to try on different clothing, regardless of their gender.. The game has essentially provided a safe space for both sex workers and clients. Winter underscored that, “It’s completely safe to submit to someone in an Animal Crossing game-- if you don’t like it, you can log off at any moment.”

Animal Crossing has been considered by many players to be a creative outlet. However, the game helps players get creative in a variety of unexpected ways. Player “Evil Imp” recently used the game to create a horror movie trailer. Most players would likely describe the game’s design as cheerful and colorful. Evil Imp uses skeletons, ghosts, and other items to create a spooky vibe. Evil Imp even created a behind-the-scenes video to further satisfy our curiosity.

animal crossing new horizons talk show
Animal Crossing: New Horizons Talk Show

Other players have created less scary forms of media. Screenwriter Gary Whitta recently designed a “talk-show” set on his island. Whitta originally had created the set just for fun, but has started to interview celebrities. His interviewees have included actress Felicia Day and musician Raquel Lily. Whitta stated in an interview, “At this point, there’s no difference between what we do and what The Tonight Show does.”

Some areas have begun to lift stay-at-home orders and slowly reopen businesses. It will be interesting to see whether Animal Crossing will continue to remain popular over the next few months. In the meantime, there seems to be no limit to players’ imaginations.

Images, credit: Nintendo