Angry Mac Owners Sign Petition Demanding Apple Stop Blocking NVIDIA Drivers On Mojave

In lieu of pitchforks and torches, thousands of ticked off Mac owners are grabbing hold of a petition demanding that "Apple permit NVIDIA to make web drivers that work with all Mac OS versions going forward." The petition, which nearly 3,000 people have signed, is in response to users reporting issues with NVIDIA graphics solutions on Mac systems after upgrading to macOS 10.14 Mojave.

"Being able to utilize the hardware acceleration provided by NVIDIA is vital to many of us, as are the bug fixes and features introduced with the application and OS updates. These drivers have always been available, but Apple now blocks NVIDIA from supporting OS 10.14 Mojave. We demand that Apple publicly commit to a support plan to work with NVIDIA to provide continuous support for their customers," the petition states.

Apple released macOS 10.14 Mojave to the public on September 24, 2018. In the weeks that followed, and still today, users have been waiting for drivers for previously supported NVIDIA graphics cards. They never came, however, and still haven't. This prompted a response by NVIDIA on its developer forum explaining that the blame falls squarely on Apple.

"Developers using Macs with NVIDIA graphics cards are reporting that after upgrading from 10.13 to 10.14 (Mojave) they are experiencing rendering regressions and slow performance. Apple fully controls drivers for Mac OS. Unfortunately, NVIDIA currently cannot release a driver unless it is approved by Apple. Our hardware works on OS 10.13 which supports up to (and including) Pascal," a forum moderator wrote.

NVIDIA told MacRumors essentially the same thing in November. "While we post the drivers, it's up to Apple to approve them," the company said. But for whatever reason, Apple still has not given NVIDIA the green light to dish them out.

That's unfortunate, and frustrating for affected Mac owners. Mojave requires a graphics card that supports Metal, Apple's graphics framework, but the lack of NVIDIA drivers means that the company's newer cards are not supported.

Not everyone is willing to point the finger solely at Apple, though.

"No. Nope. Sorry, but no. Blaming another company for why your product isn’t compatible with their system is lazy and disrespectful to your customers. I spent $4,000 on a GPU. You contact Apple and make sure it works for every - single - update. Or stop claiming your hardware supports Macs," a user commented on MacRumors.

It remains to be seen if the petition will ultimately lead to Apple and NVIDIA working things out. If you want to add your name, follow this link. In the meantime, some uses have resorted to downgrading macOS back to 10.13 High Sierra.