AMD's R600 mysteries revealed?

The Inq has posted a boatload of rumors and speculation regarding AMD/ATI's upcoming R600 GPU. The Inq apparently has information regarding cooling, clock speeds, overdrive modes, PCB length, pricing, a dual-R600 powered card and more.

"The current estimate is that the memory will float between 1 and 1.1GHz GDDR-4 memory in DDR mode (2.0-2.2 GHz), while the GPU clock will be set around 800MHz. Some say 826MHz, but we're not sure how far the Overdrive will go. We'd say not beyond 850 MHz, but that is just my personal opinion. Our sources tell us that the clock bump should be around 10 per cent for the GPU and 14 per cent for the memory, bringing the total clock to 880/2400-2600. It is insane to see a 700M+ 80nm transistor chip run at such a high clock, especially given the limitations the G80 had with sub-700M chip and 90nm process, but this is an industry where anything that can happen will happen."

The mysteries are apparently revealed here, and information regarding the dual-GPU R600 card is here, and pricing and some other info is here.

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