AMD Unveils FireStream 9170 GP-GPU Card

Late last year, AMD-ATI introduced their first Stream processor, announcing their efforts in  GP-GPU (General Purpose GPU) computing for scientific, engineering and other compute-intensive applications.  Based on the RD580 architecture, the new card fell somewhat silently on the market and we didn't hear much more on the topic until now.  Late last week AMD unveiled their next generation Stream Processor cards, aptly dubbed the FireStream 9170, which is a combination of AMD's FireGL Pro Graphics branding, along with their Stream processor moniker.  This time around the card is built on a 55nm GPU architecture, most likely a close kin to AMD's RV670 GPU that we'll be show-casing here in the next few weeks.

The FireStream 9170 will support double-precision floating point calculations and massively parallel processing between its 320 stream cores, driving 500 GFLOPS of through-put. With 2GB of on-board GDDR3 memory and power consumption of 150 Watts, the FireStream will weigh in at a stout $2000 MSRP. 

AMD FireStream 9170 Specifications


  • Powered by next-generation ATI GPU from AMD
  • Parallel processing architecture with 320 stream cores
  • Up to 500 GFLOPs single precision performance
  • 2GB GDDR3 on-board memory
  • Double Precision Floating Point
  • PCIe 2.0 x16 interface
  • < 150W power consumption
  • Memory export
  • BIOS settings optimized for stream processing
  • API and OS Support
  • Windows XP, XP64
  • Linux 32 and Linux 64

Optimized for Computation:

  • Double-precision floating point for scientific and engineering codes
  • 2GB on-board memory
  • 320 stream cores drive up to 500 GFLOPS single-precision performance
  • Asynchronous DMA, allowing data transfers without interrupting streams processor or CPU
Accelerating data-parallel algorithms in a variety of applications:
  • Seismic processing
  • Financial analysis
  • Engineering analysis
  • Rendering
  • Computational chemistry
  • Genetic research
  • Physics
  • Video editing
  • Security

CrossFire these bad boys together and watch the Folding WUs fly...


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