AMD To Debut AM4 X370 Chipset Motherboards For Zen At Upcoming New Horizon Event

It's no secret that AMD has a trick up its sleeve that it's soon to pull out. The company itself admits this, as it has a big reveal event planned for Tuesday, December 13th. With the upcoming Vega Radeon architecture expected to be announced soon, there could be a slight reveal at this event, but based on everything we know right now, it seems certain that the major focus will be on Zen, as it should be.

GIGABYTE GA 990FX Gaming Motherboard

Zen has been a long-time coming. While AMD has had no shortage of new CPU releases in recent years, most of those are derived from older architectures. What we've been craving for is a revolutionary release, not just evolutionary ones. And Zen will be just that.

Now, ahead of that December 13th reveal, rumors and leaks have begun to accelerate, especially surrounding the chipset that will complement Zen. As it appears today, AMD will have three different chipsets for Zen, with the top-end model being "X370". Beyond that, an entry tier will be called "A320", while the mid-tier will be called "B350".

All three chipsets are built around AMD's AM4 platform, and will feature support for DDR4, PCIe 3.0, USB 3.1 gen 2 (10Gbps), NVMe and SATA Express. In effect, AM4 is going to help usher in the most modern technologies, and bring AMD up to speed features-wise with Intel's current platforms without needing a bunch of third-party chipsets to fill in the blanks.

Given the timing, it's expected that motherboard vendors all over will have plenty of AM4 motherboards on display at the upcoming CES, so if you're interested in seeing what these boards could bring to the table, be sure to stay tuned for our in-depth coverage. Things are about to get interesting!