AMD Sets The Record Straight On Threadripper 7000 OC Warranty Terms And Blown Fuses

AMD Ryzen Threadripper Pro 7995WX news

AMD has responded to recent concerns surrounding overclocking on Ryzen Threadripper 7000 CPUs, specifically how AMD's built in a piece of hardware to detect if overclocking has ever been enabled, and how that could impact warranty coverage. AMD reached out to Tom's Hardware to clear the air and assured users that overclocking would not totally void the warranty of a Threadripper 7000 chip. Damage caused by overclocking, per AMD's warranty terms of service, is not covered as that is the norm for most if not all processors.

The controversy arose due to two revelations. The first being that when users try to enable overclocking in the BIOS settings of TRX50 motherboard they would be greeted by a warning, stating if they enabled overclocking it would void the warranty. The other revelation came from extreme overclocker SkatterBencher, who shared that enabling overclocking would permanently blow a fuse on the CPU. This is an indicator for AMD to check whether overclocking was ever enabled. SkatterBencher had actually shared both tidbits last month in an article, but it seems it flew under the radar.

AMD Ryzen Threadripper 7000 overclocking warranty warning news

The way the warning is crafted, as shared by an X user, implies that if a user ever enables overclocking on a Threadripper 7000 CPU their warranty is gone for good. However, AMD assured users in a statement via Tom's Hardware that the warning is incorrect. The company reiterated that while its warranty doesn't cover overclocking-related damage, other kinds of problems are covered even if overclocking had ever been enabled.

Of course, users may still be concerned that AMD could use overclocking as a reason to deny warranty coverage, but these worries may be unfounded. Ryzen Threadripper Pro 5000 CPUs also had this fuse, and in the nearly two years since they launched we haven't heard of anyone being denied warranty coverage due to the overclocking fuse being blown. However, not many people are overclocking Threadripper chips. The story may be very different if AMD ever brings these fuses to regular Ryzen CPUs, which are much more likely to be overclocked.