AMD Ryzen AI 300 Radeon 800M Integrated Graphics Score Big In 3DMark Leak

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Next month, most of the big laptop OEMs are expected to release machines based on AMD's Ryzen AI 300 processors sporting the shiny new Zen 5 CPU architecture and RDNA 3.5 graphics. Naturally, everyone's chomping at the bit to know how these chips actually perform, because this is AMD's first real chance to take mobile performance leadership from Intel—something it hasn't decisively done in the past.

golden pig strix point
Translated from Chinese by Google.

According to familiar Chinese leaker "金猪升级包" (which machine translates to "Golden Pig Upgrade Pack"), there was a laptop at the MSI booth at Computex sporting one of the new AMD chips. The leaker says that the single-core, multi-core, and graphics performance of the Ryzen AI 9 300-series processors are all improved by about 20% over the previous generation, and that this indicates Cinebench R23 scores of 2000+ on a single core, 20000+ on all cores, as well as a 3DMark Time Spy score of 3600+.

3dmark time spy 8700g

Let's take a look at these numbers, starting with 3DMark Time Spy. The previous-generation GPU using the RDNA 3 architecture is known as the Radeon 780M. The average Time Spy score for a Radeon 780M, as you can see above, is 3747. But wait, that's for our desktop Ryzen 7 8700G CPU. What about for mobile parts?

3dmark database

Indeed, 3DMark tracks the mobile and desktop versions of the Radeon 780M separately, and it's a good thing too, because the mobile parts, with their considerably more-restricted power limits, don't score anywhere near as high. The average score for a mobile Radeon 780M is 3058, and the highest-ever score is 3735. In that context, a score of 3600+ is absolutely impressive, especially considering that these high results in the 3700s are definitely overclocked systems.

cinebench r23 blade 18 truncated
From our recent review of the Razer Blade 18 gaming laptop.

Meanwhile, the Cinebench R23 scores are also quite impressive. The TDP ratings on the Ryzen AI 300 parts aren't known yet, but we're pretty sure they're lower than the 157 watts consumed by a Core i9-14900HX or Core i9-13980HX under load, and like those Intel parts, the Ryzen 9 7945HX is really a desktop CPU by another name. For a proper mobile part, 2000 points on a single thread and 20,000 points on all cores are both very impressive results—as you'd expect from bleeding-edge technology from the latest fab.

All told, presuming the numbers from Golden Pig Upgrade Pack are legit, it looks like the "Strix Point" Ryzen AI 300 parts will be a considerable step forward from Hawk Point—and these tests don't even test the XDNA 2 NPU. Whatever you think about modern "AI", there's no denying that the NPU was a major focus for AMD's work on its next-gen silicon, and the company is promising the highest NPU performance of any vendor.

We'll be reviewing all of the Ryzen AI 300 processors we can get our hands on, so keep us in a browser tab for when that finally happens.