AMD Reboots Graphics Drivers As Crimson ReLive With Built-In Video Capture And HDR Gaming Support

Radeon ReLive

AMD is heading into 2017 with a major new graphics driver refresh called Radeon Software Crimson ReLive Edition, or Radeon ReLive for short. Even better, we'll just call it ReLive from here on out. More than a name change or yet another incremental update, this is a complete retooling of Crimson right down to the user interface.

There are several highlights to the new driver family, as this is AMD's biggest driver release ever, but it's the new built-in video capture and streaming tool (ReLive) that it is named after. Having kicked its Gaming Evolved app to the curb, AMD has gone and integrated a DVR solution solution for capturing and sharing epic gaming moments.

ReLive Toolbar

"Capture, stream and share your greatest moments and gaming wins on your computer system with Radeon ReLive. Modify settings quickly, conveniently, and play seamlessly with the easily accessible in-game toolbar. Express yourself in bold new ways with custom scene layouts. Upload your latest highlights and let them be a conversation piece. It's never been easier to build and grow your online community at anytime, anywhere," AMD enthusiastically explains.

It's supposedly lightweight with a minimal impact on system performance, too. AMD claims up to just a 3 percent performance hit to average framerates when recording World of Warcraft, Overwatch, and H1Z1: King of the Hill, and up to 4 percent in Battlefield 1. Plus it's easy to manipulate using the in-app toolbar.

ReLive HDR

While DVR capabilities are a major focus, it's far from the only new feature. AMD added High Dynamic Range (HDR) gaming support to ReLive, along with Dolby Vision and VP9 decode acceleration. This is more of a future proofing move than anything else—there aren't any HDR monitors out there just yet, only HDR TVs. When HDR-capable monitors arrive, AMD will be ready.

ReLive Chill

ReLive brings power improvements to the scene. A new feature called Radeon Chill dynamically regulates framerates based on in-game movements. AMD says this can improve power efficiency and lower temperatures for supported apps and games, when enabled.

Better detection for HDMI cable issues is part of ReLive. There is a new advanced display settings and diagnostics page to help troubleshoot display issues. If the cable is bad, an oft overlooked culprit, ReLive will let users know.

Most everything else is minor, though it all ads up to a significant reboot. They includes things such as a new borderless full screen mode for apps and games with FreeSync, lower CPU usage during Skype, and a user feedback page.

The new ReLive drivers launch today and are available now through AMD.