AMD Radeon Technologies Group To Host reddit AMA March 3rd

It's beginning to feel like AMD is finally starting to understand this whole "social" thing by teasing just the right amount of information to get fans salivating. Yesterday, we talked about a teaser of an upcoming graphics card enclosure posted to Facebook by Robert Hallock, who is part of AMD's Technical Marketing team. Now, Hallock has decided to open the floodgates for questions by conducting an AMA (ask me anything) on reddit tomorrow.

Most AMAs at reddit last just a couple of hours, but AMD is pulling no punches here: it's doing one for seven hours. It starts at 10AM and ends 5PM, central time. That's 11AM - 6PM for those on the east coast (EST), and 8AM - 3PM for those on the west (PST).

AMD Robert Hallock AMA

It's being made clear that this AMA is going to cover only AMD's GPU products and technologies, as it's the Radeon Technologies Group that's hosting it. If there's any downside to that limited scope, it's that we won't have the chance to learn a bit more about Zen.

On topics that will be discussed, AMD says it's cool to ask about Vulkan, FreeSync, GPUOpen, Polaris, Fury X2, VR, DirectX 12, and... "anything else you're curious about". That last one kind of flies in the face of AMD saying there should be no Zen questions, but, we're sure you get the point.

It's important to note that this AMA isn't going to happen in the official AMA sub-reddit; instead, it will be found at /r/amd. That's probably a good thing, as lurkers of that sub-reddit are likely going to be asking the best questions.

If anything interesting comes out of this AMA, we'll keep you informed.

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