AMD Phenom Quad-Core Processor Update

We just got received word directly from AMD regarding the purported delays to the next wave of Phenom processors that were initially slated to hit sometime this quarter, but have been pushed out to Q2...

You may have seen a few online headlines today indicating “AMD Phenom processor delays.”  I’d like to clarify where things stand with this on-going roll-out of AMD true quad-core and triple-core processors:

  • AMD launched its highest-volume versions of AMD Phenom quad-core processors in mid-November (models 9500 and 9600), and we shipped hundreds of thousands in Q4 2007. OEMs demonstrated production AMD Phenom processor-based desktops during 2008 International CES this week.
  • For the enthusiast market, AMD then launched a performance tunable “Black Edition” of the 9600 model in December 2007 to address the enthusiast market. This was an additional quad-core product added to our Q4 roadmap and is now available on major e-tailer sites.
  • AMD will now introduce the AMD Phenom 9700 and 9900 models in Q2 2008. This decision was based on OEM input on how AMD should prioritize its next two waves of AMD Phenom processor models. Based on these customer inputs, AMD will continue to prioritize volume-based Phenom products, including the AMD Phenom triple-core processor introduction for consumer and commercial markets this quarter, and now a new energy–efficient 65W AMD Phenom 9000e series processor in this quarter (instead of Q2). AMD Phenom 9700 and 9900 models will immediately follow next quarter.
  • Our OEM customers are placing more priority on our energy-efficient and triple-core processors, where the volumes and ability to differentiate products take precedence over the more prestigious, but much lower volume, higher performance quad-core products.

There you have it, straight from the horse's mouth.  Hopefully, AMD is able to execute and all of this comes to fruition.  While out at CES, a representative of one of AMD's key partners (or should we say rivals?) told us that he has never seen a company working harder than AMD is right now.  If that's actually the case, and the extra effort pays off, AMD could be back on track in the not too distant future.  Time will tell.