AMD Might Be Looking To Outsource Some 45 nm Work

AMD has been working very hard for several years now to catch up to Intel when it comes to developing and perfecting new manufacturing process technology. New process technology allows more transistors to be packed into the same physical area, which can relate to more features and performance in a given chip and/or more chips per material used. So there is either more performance, better price, or both, and what customer can resist better prices and/or better performance?

AMD has done a good job of narrowing the gap, but Intel really pulled out all the stops to get both their 65 nm and 45 nm processes up and running well ahead of AMD. According to Reuters, it seems like AMD might be seeking outside help in catching up to Intel on the 45 nm process.

"Chartered now made chips for AMD using 65-nanometre technology, but was looking to move to even more advanced 45-nanometre technology in the partnership, said Chia Song Hwee, the Singapore-based company's president and chief executive. The smaller specification, which relates to the width of circuitry in chips, allows designers to create more powerful chips by packing more computing power into a given area."


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