AMD Lining Up Hotfix For Reported Crimson Edition Software Low Fan Bug Issues

You have to tip your hat to early adopters of new technology, both on the hardware side and when it comes to software. They're the ones living on the bleeding edge and discovering flaws that will be fixed in time for everyone else to jump on board. Case in point, some AMD graphics card owners are reporting fan issues after installing the company's new Radeon Software Crimson Edition, and a hotfix is on the way.

Radeon Software is the newfangled replacement for AMD's Catalyst Control Center. It kicks off with Crimson Edition, which introduces a revamped interface with lots of goodies, but apparently it contains a bug. Some users who have installed the software report that Crimson is throttling their GPU fans to 20 percent or below no matter how hot the card gets.

Sapphire Radeon R9 380X

"AMD is aware of isolated reports of low fan states following the installation of Radeon Software ‘Crimson Edition’ on select Radeon GPUs. Its engineering teams have identified and addressed this issue, and AMD intends to release a hotfix on this coming Monday, November 30th," AMD stated in an email over the weekend.

The Sunnyvale outfit also issued an acknowledgement on Twitter, so this isn't an issue it's trying to sweep under the rug. At the time of this writing, a hotfix isn't yet available, but it will be sometime today. In the meantime, if you're running Crimson and experiencing low fan speeds and/or overheating issues, you should avoid stressing the card until the hotifx is out.