AMD Investigates Data Breach For Theft Of Future Product Detail And Source Code

amd data breach hero
It appears that AMD is now the latest victim of cybercrime and a data breach, as company data is being offered for sale on a message board frequented by criminal hackers. AMD acknowledged the situation in a statement, noting that, "we are aware of a cybercriminal organization claiming to be in possession of stolen AMD data." The company added that it’s currently working with law enforcement officials and third-party partners to investigate the validity of these claims.

A user by the name of “IntelBroker” stated that they are selling the stolen AMD data. This individual says that they are offering “Future AMD products, Spec sheets, employee databases, customer databases, property files, ROMs, source code, firmware and finances." The employee database supposedly contains user IDs, first and last names, e-mails, employment status and business phone numbers. No price is mentioned, with IntelBroker instructing interested parties to direct message them with offers.

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IntelBroker seems to be a fairly active malicious actor, according to reports from Bleeping Computer. This user achieved notoriety with the breach of DC Health Link, which provides healthcare plans to members of the U.S. House of Representatives and their families. Moreover, the breach of Europol’s Platform For Experts was also conducted by this same user. So, they’re certainly not new to infiltrating large infrastructures and organizations.

If this breach is legitimate, it might be a big blow for AMD. Outside parties having access to their future roadmap product plans, source code that can be scanned for undiscovered vulnerabilities, and the company’s financial information, can spell trouble in a variety of ways. It could end up seriously hurting the chipmaker and its partners.

Hopefully the ill-gotten data isn’t as in-depth as IntelBroker is claiming, and that this threat actor is apprehended by law enforcement sooner rather than later.