AMD Interview Spring 2006

It's another year for AMD, and the folks over at AMD Zone have a talk with AMD's Damon Muzny about the chip company's plans for 2006. Going a little beyond AMD, Damon also discusses his thoughts on Intel's Netburst architecture, and addresses the rumor of DDR3 appearing with their AM2 socket.

"Clearly AMD has done a greater job than ever with K8, where K7 eventually fell short it has succeeded. But with the hype streaming out, with a product that Intel is showing that should come out this time, AMD will be at a critical juncture to show that K8 was no one hit wonder, but that they will continue to take the lead and if Intel regains it they'll get it back as quickly as possible. As such, it was the perfect time for an interview with AMD and luckily I had the chance to speak with AMD's Damon Muzny about that."


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