AMD Execs Get A New Office - Or A Plank To Walk

AMD has announced a management shakeup. They're struggling mightily to compete with industry leader Intel right now. AMD COO Dirk Meyer is reshuffling his executive personnel deck by moving some people sideways, some people up the ladder -- and some were given an empty printer paper box to clean their desk into before being escorted to the door. Oops, I meant they've: "...left the company to pursue other opportunities..."

"AMD is in a precarious situation right now from a business standpoint and it has to take some drastic measures," said Brian Matus, vice president of market research at IC Insights. "I am surprised there haven't been more moves. I think AMD had to take some cost-cutting measures and other measures that put them in a position to restructure the business and possibly even set it up for a potential sale in the future."

Hang in there, AMD. Without you in the market, Intel will be able to treat microchip buyers like a baby treats a diaper.
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