AMD Disses Intel Arc A370M Launch With A Radeon 6500M Benchmark Beatdown

amd diss intel
AMD's marketing team has never been shy about taking shameless pot shots at its competition—even when they aren't warranted. Remember "The Fixer?" You probably do and wish you didn't.

Well, Intel's just finally had its big launch event for the first of its Arc GPUs. While nobody is claiming the Arc A370M will break benchmark records, Intel rightly focused on the feature set, which is pretty decent. Sure, none of the world's streaming platforms ingest AV1 yet, but the day will probably come.

AMD seemingly just couldn't sit on the sidelines while Intel gets a bunch of press. The Twitter account for the Red Team's Radeon group posted a cheeky comparison of the just-revealed Arc A370M against its own low-end laptop GPU, the Radeon RX 6500M. We weren't particularly impressed with the desktop RX 6500 XT's performance given its price point, but even in mobile form it seems like it's able to step on the pride of the A370M.

amd diss intel fixed
AMD's graph, with the more relevant performance metric added.

Except that, arguably, what AMD's meme does is promote the A370M's playable game performance. By picking an awkward target of 80 FPS for its marker, AMD all but forces viewers to look at the numbers on the graph where you can see that Intel's GPU averages better than 60 FPS across the selection of five AAA games, including Hitman 3, Final Fantasy XIV, and AMD favorite Strange Brigade. Average FPS doesn't tell the whole story, but Intel's GPU doesn't exactly come out looking battered in this comparison.

Of course, AMD's Radeon RX 6500M does ultimately produce significantly superior performance. The graphic also helpfully notes that Intel's Arc A370M uses 25% more transistors on the same process node, implying that it will probably draw more power than the RX 6500M. There's also the fact that average FPS numbers don't tell the whole story for GPU game performance, and Intel's drivers remain a big question mark—not that AMD's are flawless, mind you.

That's why you wonderful folks rely on third-party reviews like ours to lay out the facts. As such, we'll know the real story as soon as we have an Arc GPU in our hot little hands. Rest assured that you'll know the score when we do.