AMD Denies Price War

AMD slashed prices on it's dual-core offerings early last week, lowering prices on its Athlon 64 X2 and FX processors by as much as 33 percent. Intel is expected to drop prices on their quad-core desktop processors on July 22nd and its server processors on July 29th, likely in response to AMD's price drops. These prices cuts have sparked widespread speculation that an all-out price war will develop between the two chip makers, similar to the one witnessed last year. However, AMD has officially put a stop to the speculation.
In an interview with CRN, Gary Bixler, AMD's director of marketing for North America, denied the possibility of a price war, stating that AMD has no plans to further cut CPU prices any time soon and that AMD's price cuts last week were not in response to anything Intel had done. Bixler stated that AMD is focusing on improving relations with channel partners and a price war like the one witnessed last year would not impress.
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