AMD Confirms Some Zen 4 Details Will Be Revealed At CES But How Much Will It Share?

AMD Ryzen Processor
AMD has a few product launches in the wings, including a upgraded version of its Ryzen 5000 series with a pile of stacked 3D V-cache added to the mix. According to AMD, this massive L3 cache allotment will net users a 15 percent performance gain in games, which is roughly on the level of a generational uplift. What about Zen 4, though? Fear not, AMD will share at least some Zen 4 details at the Consumer Electronics Show next month.

Well, technically just before CES is officially underway. CES runs from January 5-8, 2022, and AMD has a livestream scheduled for January 4 starting at 10am ET (7am ET). AMD is promising it will demonstrate how it will "make 2022 an unforgettable year for gamers, creators, and mobile PC users," adding in no uncertain terms that it will discuss "upcoming AMD Ryzen processors and AMD Radeon graphics."

In regards to Zen 4, that is a bit further on the 2022 roadmap than the more immediate Zen 3+/Zen 3D refresh that is headed our way. Even so, Zen 4 is on the docket of things to discuss. AMD CTO Mark Papearmaster confirmed as much in an interview with Anthony Leather at CrazyTechLab.

"With regards to the upcoming generation, I point to CES in January. We couldn't be more excited to be rolling out some additional details on our new product launches. It will deliver phenomenal experiences and as we’ve said publicly, later in the year as it progresses we’ll share more detail on Zen 4," Papermaster said. "We'll talk a bit about Zen 4 at CES and then you'll see a rolling set of announcements over the course of 2022 on our next CPU family and across the board on PC, gaming, and server. 2022 is shaping up to be an incredibly exciting year for AMD."

So in other words you shouldn't expect a full-blown Zen 4 reveal, or any kind of extensive deep dive into the upcoming architecture. But according to Papermaster, AMD will at least share some information about Zen 4. We're hoping it's a bit more substantial that just reiterating that Zen 4 is on track.

It's worth giving the entire interview a watch/listen if you get the chance, as there are some other interesting nuggets contained within. One we found especially interesting was Papermaster's concession that AMD's products used to be relegated as the "value play."

"We wanted to go way beyond value. We want to have the best performance, we want to have the best experience. Once we got back into the game of delivering performance, it brought us a seat at the table with all of our gaming partners, with all of our PC partners, all the way through our server products that we offer. We have a seat at the table because we're bringing leadership technology to bear," Papermaster added.

Indeed, Zen brought AMD back in the game, so to speak. And listening to Papermaster, it seems AMD is keenly aware that it needs to keep the momentum going, which should make for an interesting 2022 (and beyond).