AMD Comments On ATI Acquisition

DigiTimes has managed to sit down with AMD's EVP Henri Richard to hear his comments regarding the company's recent acquisition of ATI. In short, it appears as though AMD sees several aspects of the industry which they needed to focus their attention on and be sure to participate in to remain a successful company in five years. Unfortunately, AMD did not have the means or ability to produce products in those areas. Fortunately, ATI managed to have a foot in several of those doors and the acquisition of the company will allow AMD to participate in markets which it otherwise have never been exposed to. Love it or hate it, you can't deny that this turn of events will certainly result in some dramatic new changes in the industry over the course of the next few years.

"AMD has always been near and dear to the hearts of gamers. We can now think about innovating at that level, probably with our 4x4 enthusiast platforms. You'll see some interesting and potential development around some of the IP that came with the ATI acquisition, and so forth. ATI has a relationship with Microsoft around the Xbox 360, and there are some interesting things there, I'm sure, for the future. There's a vast array of opportunities for us to go and innovate and figure out how to balance performance and cost for the best interests of the end user. Basically, that means innovating without the artificial barriers that exist when you have separate companies, across the various elements."