AMD Athlon64 X2-3800+, Pioneer DVR-633H-S DVD, TWIN2X1024-8000UL...

Corsair TWIN2X1024-8000UL Memory Modules @ X-bit labs:

"Today you will get acquainted with another memory solution that managed to surpass 1GHz threshold. It is going to be overclocker DDR2 SDRAM memory from Corsair. This memory manufacturer is very well-known for their excellent products. For example, their DDR2-1000 modules boast the lowest latencies than the competitors."

Pioneer DVR-633H-S DVD Recorder @ Designtechnica:

"Besides the normal studio DVDs, you can play your home-burned DVDs containing TV content or home movies. It also plays CDs and CD-R/RW discs with WMA and MP3 files, and its JPEG photo viewer is compatible with Fujifilm and Kodak photo discs and CD-R/RWs burned from your computer. With its easy to follow menus, on-screen help system and numerous audio/video ports, the 633H-S will easily integrate into any home theater system. With features like DTS output and progressive scan, this unit will also replace the need for a separate DVD player, saving some room in that growing stack of equipment next to your television set."

AMD Athlon64 X2-3800+ @ LostCircuits:

"With the latest stepping of the dual processor series, AMD dishes up the Manchester core to set new standards in energy efficiency and price/performance ratio. Taking advantage of the proverbial excellent gaming and floating point performance and stripping the dual cores of 50% of their hard-earned cache in combination with a frequency sweetspot of 2.0 GHz results in a killer CPU at a reasonable price tag. Arguably, there are cheaper processors on the market, there are faster cores out there (as measured in clock frequency) and there are "the others" but after wrapping up this review, there is nothing out there that combines that many positive features as the Manchester running at 2.0 GHz, using the moniker X2-3800+."

Sony Walkman Bean (NW-E307) MP3 Player @

"Having an MP3 player in the current times isn't anything special. Once a pioneering concept has now evolved into a pure digital fashion phenomenon. There were times when MP3 players were first introduced with limited onboard capacity and music playback as its only functionality. Thereafter, the industry gradually made its way to hard drive based players and back to flash players, albeit this time with a sense of style. The latest in the new era of fashionable digital MP3 players include diminutive sizes. First it was the MobiBLU, world's smallest MP3 player, and now Sony's Walkman Bean (NW-E307), which isn't too far behind the MobiBLU in terms of striking dimensions."

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