AMD Achieves OpenGL ES 2.0 Conformance Cert.

AMD Next-Generation OpenGL® ES 2.0 Graphics Technology Achieves Industry Conformance

— Khronos™ Group Certifies AMD OpenGL ES 2.0 Technology, Designed for Mobile Phones, Handheld 3D Gaming and GPS Devices —

SUNNYVALE, Calif. — June 11, 2008 — AMD (NYSE: AMD) today announced that it has reached a new milestone in the mobile graphics industry as the first 3D graphics technology provider to achieve OpenGL® ES 2.0 conformance certification. AMD OpenGL ES 2.0 mobile graphics technology, which will be included in AMD processors, is based on the same AMD Unified Shader Architecture powering the Microsoft® Xbox 360™ video game console.

OpenGL ES 2.0, an industry-specified application programming interface (API), enables rapid rendering of cutting-edge 3D graphics for a variety of consumer electronics devices. As a leading supplier of media processors and graphics cores for the handheld market, AMD works with an ecosystem of device makers, software developers and baseband suppliers to deliver innovative technology solutions that can yield truly compelling mobile content. The company has been an early and active proponent of the OpenGL ES 2.0 API.

 “We are pleased to be the first technology provider to achieve OpenGL ES 2.0 certification from the Khronos™ Group,” said Mikko Saari, senior director of design engineering for AMD’s Handheld division. “This underscores our commitment to building and nurturing the mobile gaming ecosystem to thrill consumers while providing our OEM customers and the mobile gaming community with a competitive advantage.”

To achieve conformance, the AMD OpenGL ES 2.0 implementation met key feature requirements while being rigorously tested and reviewed by the Khronos Group, the independent industry consortium responsible for the development, promotion and certification of the OpenGL ES standard.

“We congratulate AMD as the first organization to achieve certification for its OpenGL ES 2.0 implementation,” said Khronos Group president Neil Trevett. “OpenGL ES 2.0 enables fully-programmable 3D graphics on embedded systems. With the support of leading suppliers such as AMD, OpenGL ES 2.0 will usher in a new generation of devices that will enable revolutionary applications, ultimately driving consumer demand.”

Working closely with leading chipset suppliers, OEMs and application developers, AMD aims to unleash a new world of mobile entertainment experiences. By delivering a standards-compliant platform, AMD helps software developers to rely on a given set of features and functionality, reducing design cycles and freeing them to focus on developing games that look and play great.

“With all of the vast differences between mobile phone device hardware, operating systems and networks, it is essential that we have a single graphics standard,” said Xavier Carrillo-Costa, CEO of Digital Legends Entertainment, a leading developer of games for mobile devices. “AMD has demonstrated strong leadership and commitment to the industry while developing a fantastic graphics and gaming architecture.”

The AMD OpenGL ES 2.0 conformance test suite review was based on the AMD Z430 developer’s kit. The AMD Z430 OpenGL ES 2.0 graphics technology was demonstrated during the 2008 Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, Spain, where AMD also announced its next-generation AMD Z460 graphics core. AMD OpenGL ES 2.0 graphics technologies are designed to deliver fully programmable shader models for realistic 3D graphics to revolutionize the mobile gaming experience for portable devices
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