Amazon's Huge 2022 Hardware Event: Here's Everything Unveiled

As we roll into the holiday season in the US, Amazon decided to hold a new device releases event. We've got the details on what was announced and the links where you can preorder, buy or at least get full details on them. And wow, did Amazon pull the veil off a lot of new products. So buckle up, there's a lot of ground to cover here.

First on the list is an improved version of Amazon's popular eReader, the Kindle Scribe. Retailing at $369.99, this device takes the Paperwhite display of the classic Kindle and allows users to write on it and make notations. Think of it like a post-it note for an eReader. 

The next officially announced product is something we already reported on here. The Halo Rise is a camera-less sleep tracker that you place bedside. It is supposed to help you track how restful your sleep is. It also is supposed to offer a healthier way to wake up, by slowly illuminating it as though it was sunrise. This new sleep device will retail for $139.99.

Those above are just a couple of the admittedly long list of devices, and device updates, that Amazon featured during its event. For instance, the Echo Show is going to be getting FireTV support. Additionally, the Amazon Personal Assistant, Alexa, is going to be getting several updates. The updates include new functionality, such as personalized routine content, show devices allowing you to 'shop the look', and even update to the Echo Show 15, allowing it to control other older Alexa devices and vice versa.

Also in the hardware reveals, was a new FireTV. This keeps to the relatively budget-friendly nature of the FireTV series as usual. For a 65-inch 4K model, the retail price of $799.99 is actually a darn good deal. Of course, this TV also comes with built-in Amazon Alexa smart functionality.

Of course, if you already have a solid TV but it doesn't have Alexa built-in, you can always use a set-top box, like the new 2022 FireTV Cube. At a starting retail price of $139.99, with support for 4K output and Dolby Atmos Audio, this is a pretty solid choice for set-tops for a set-top streamer. You can also choose to purchase a FireTV Remote with it, or that remote on its own.

Of course, we already mentioned the Echo Show 15 above, but the big deal about this device is that it is actually a 15-inch wall mountable display, making it one of the largest home display-based smart devices on the market. Functionally, it is still just about identical to any other Echo Show device, though. It will run at a retail price of $249.99.

If you really like Alexa, you may find yourself struggling to utilize her capabilities in your car, if it's not compatible. Well, good news, Amazon will soon be providing the $54.99 Echo Auto. While this device doesn't offer full-featured integration with your vehicles like Android Auto or Apple Carplay, it does provide some better integration and key features like calling and messaging with your voice, smart home products control and roadside assistance while your phone is with you on your commute.

A few years ago Amazon purchased Eero, and brought the mesh WiFi router system into its fold. With all the interconnected devices Amazon has, providing reliable wireless connectivity is a natural extension of the ecosystem. As such, an improvement to Amazon's portfolio of WiFi devices was sure to be incoming. The $299.99 WiFi 6 addition to the line is the first wall and ceiling mountable access point for its mesh network offering. This is particularly useful for households who may just want their access points out of reach of the kids, or for better coverage, mounted in a higher location.

Last, but certainly not least, if you've destroyed your bank account acquiring all this great new tech gear, you likely will want some kind of security in place. So Amazon's security camera division, Blink, has a new addition. The Blink Wired Floodlight Camera will be coming out at a relatively low starting price of $99.99. Along with that new Blink camera there is also a new pan tilt mount for the Blink Mini.

Yes, there is a rather large list of devices added and updated for Amazon's lineup this year, and just in time as the holidays are fast approaching. Even though these are new offerings, deals will likely be on the way, including packages and bundles for many of these products as well. So stay tuned to HH for updates.