's MP3 Download Store to Open in Sept.

In the spring said it would unveil a digital music store by year's-end. It looks like they are going to beat their timeline. Sources indicate that will launch an MP3-based music service in mid-September. However, it's also indicated that the date is somewhat fluid, as it has been pushed back several times already (shades of Microsoft and Windows Vista!).
The online retail giant has tentatively set a mid-September target for the launch of its long-anticipated music service, sources familiar with the situation said.

The store will offer songs in the iPod-friendly MP3 format and give consumers who use the popular music player an alternative source for major label music besides Apple's iTunes.

Note the terms "tentative" and "sources familiar with the situation."  Naturally this is still just a rumor, until an official announcement is made.  Still it will be great when they launch, adding another DRM-free service to the list.  DRM-free also means free of music from Sony BMG and Warner Music Group, however.